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Joy is my job after all! (Yours too....)

Have you ever been jealous? And what did you do about it?

My dad, sister, and brother-in-law are on the road as we speak (or type), heading to the women's Final Four game to watch Iowa, and Caitlin Clark. And when my mom and I received this picture with the caption, "We are on the road!" I had a tiny pang of jealousy.

My schedule, the price, and my schedule (yes, I double dribbled on the schedule mention there) just meant that the road trip to Ohio was not in the cards.

So, after a few minutes of pouting to myself....I decided that I would do two things:

1. Round up the troops (family and friends) for a little joy at home! My daughter wants cinnamon rolls and my son wants candy as their basketball watching snacks, and my husband and I are still in debate out ours. The basement is ready and looks like a party!

2. I am going to celebrate IN my dad, sister, and bro-in-laws joy...I am ready to live vicariously through them! I asked my sister to send me more pics and video along the journey, I am ready to see and celebrate the journey through her eyes.

Am I still jealous? Heck yes I am!!

But, I am not going to let jealousy be my biggest emotion...instead I choose joy.

Joy is my job after all! (Yours too....)

Let me know if you are creating a little joy this weekend!


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