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Lend Time and Wisdom to Our Students!

I am always looking for ways to encourage young people to get out and make impact and JOY! Because, let’s be honest, we are only borrowing the world from future generations.

And I couldn’t have been more thrilled, when another school reached out to create a networking opportunity for their students (think mini-Rising Tides Connection Conference).

I couldn’t say YES fast enough!

On February 21st, Boone Community School District (located in Boone, Iowa) and I will bring close to 400 high school students together for a Professionalism Day. Part of the time will be spent networking with community members.

The goal is to create a structured opportunity for students to practice their networking skills with community members and gain valuable career insight and advice.

This is where you come in…

We would love community members to come and network with students from 8:30 - 10:30 or 10:30 - 12:30 (or both) on February 21st.

The students will be paired with community members to network and after 7-10 minutes, they rotate around the room to meet additional community members. It’s pretty amazing how a lifelong connection can form so quickly! I have even heard of students landing internships and jobs after these networking days.

Community members are given conversation topics to cover (i.e. share your career journey or what do you do each day) and a few questions to ask the students (i.e. what do you plan to do after high school?). The goal is for the sessions to be fun and interactive!

If you (or someone you know) can lend their time and wisdom to our students on February 21st, DM me and let me know!

Thanks for helping shape the future!



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