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Quick Reminder...find the little nuggets ...

Here I am, popping into your Thanksgiving feed.

You may be in food heaven right now, cooking that turkey or hiding from that crazy kitchen… I just wanted to acknowledge something we are often silent about on these days...

Life can be tough.

It doesn't always end up as we imagined, and it can feel really hard.

Maybe this holiday doesn't feel much like a holiday, or you're struggling to think of something to share that you're thankful for…

Find the little nuggets

It can be small or super mundane, but find the little nugget to be thankful for.

Shifting your thoughts in that direction can make all the difference.

I hope you're spending your Thanksgiving with people you care about, and if not, I hope you do something that brings you a little joy (even for 5 minutes).

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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