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Rising Tides Featured Speaker: Emily Steele

I would love to introduce you to our first Featured Speaker for Rising Tides ~ A Connection Conference, on April 28th, Emily Steele!

Emily is a bright soul, who has done wonders for the community, and she takes on life with a smile and determination that is unmatched. When I first met her, I immediately thought....this human is going to change the world, her ripple effect is strong!

A little more about Emily:

Emily is a creative entrepreneur who has spent the last 10 years finding innovative ways to make a difference. From launching a local bike ride that has given a community in Ghana access to clean water to creating the #dsmhummingbirds to match businesses with local influencers, Emily has an ability to take an idea and mobilize it by getting the community on board.

I invite you to join Emily and I at Rising Tides on April 28th for a day of business build, energy, and inspiring conversation. Are you in?!



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