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We are changing things up!

Link to learn more and sign up here:

For this Rising Tides Connection Conference, we are changing things up!

On April 28th, we will have a day geared towards entrepreneurs, business developers, and owners. Are you in?!

The in-person event (in Des Moines) will be a day jam packed with energy, ideation, and connection! We will lean into our businesses (brand awareness, connection, and business momentum) and find ways to elevate #RisingTidesLiftAllBoats.

I LOVE creating unique ways for people to interact though good conversation, stories, and experience sharing. Good Ripple Effect is everywhere, and these stories will make your heart sing!

You can look forward to....

- Customized connections – just for you!

- Entrepreneur Workshops (TED talk feel) – hear from other business owners and gain knowledge and inspiration!

- Unique "coffee shop" 1x1 interactions – time to make deep connections.

- Think Tank opportunities for business ideation – hear from others on the things that work for them! Get ideas for your business and GO!!

I would love for you to join!



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