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What A Year 2022 Was!

Doing new things is hard, like really hard! And it's even scarier to stay honest and share the stats.

So here it goes!

I met most of of my goals in 2022, but not all. I am most proud that I was more authentic and said yes to the things that fill my soul (see some fun pics from this year!)

The Stats:

• Wanted 150 1 million connections and ended up with 110 (I was busier speaking and coaching this year!)

• Wanted to speak 20 times and ended up speaking 21

• Wanted to do 10 corporate workshops and ended up at 16

• Wanted 20 coaching clients and met that goal!

• Wanted to host a Rising Tides Connection Conference in a new city and did it!

• Wanted to start writing a book ~ Good things come to those who wait, right? Started writing this month...see you in 2023!

• Wanted to launch a podcast ~ Still dreaming about this one!

My word for 2023 is brimming I can't wait to make a bigger splash and help more people Have Good Ripple Effect.

If you are daring to dream about amazing things in 2023, be sure to message me, I'd love to cheer you on along the way.


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