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What's on your Summer Joy List?

Summer's on the horizon, and on SOME DAYS (more than others), I can practically feel the warm sunshine already.

‌It's made me think about creating my own Summer Joy List—a collection of all the things that make this season feel like a JOYFUL summer.

My list includes parks to explore, hidden walking paths to discover, and delicious summer foods to try.

Because you know how it goes – you have a free afternoon, perfect for some summer fun… but then you hit that mental roadblock:

"What should we do?"

Having this list helps you seize those free moments. No more aimless browsing or internal debates… grab your list, pick something that sparks joy, and get out there!

So, my challenge for you today is to start brainstorming what should be on your Summer Joy List… what are the things you'd love to do this summer?

What’s ONE thing is a must-have on your list? Share below in the comments!



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