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Are you feeling the “good kind” of tired?

This morning I felt tired…the good kind!

October has been the busiest month I can remember….

It started with a keynote for a utility company, followed by a keynote for a bank’s annual meeting, and then a Student Rising Tides, a session about how to create a signature event, and finally a keynote for a safety conference, whew!

As I sat sipping my coffee this morning, I got thinking…though I am tired, I am still energized…is that possible?!

If you are reading this and are feeling the wrong kind of tired, the tired where you feel drained at the end of your day or the kind where you dread tomorrow, I encourage you to consider this:

You deserve to be the “good kind” of tired. I give you permission to dream a little, and think about what you might shift, change, or get rid of to help you get there.

I believe that we happen to the world, not the other way around, and that small shifts in thinking or action, can change the world.

Now it’s your turn! Get out there and be the “good kind” of tired!!


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