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Because JOY is My Job

I am asked this one question often…

"Why did you choose joy?"

Because let's be honest, I could have written a book on happiness… fun, or on the power of levity…. why joy?

I chose joy because it is that one inner feeling that creates aliveness.

It's something that you not only feel, but when you HAVE joy, it radiates outward to those around you, it's contagious.

I've spoken to thousands of people on stage and facilitated workshops with large groups, and have watched life-changing moments come from joy, better home life, work life, and even self-care.

Because JOY is my job - not something that happens if I'm lucky. Joy doesn't just knock on people's doors at random - it's a choice.

To the point where I wrote a book about it

If you're curious about HOW to make this part of your life, I wrote the book "Joy is My Job" that you can purchase here:

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