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Cheers to being more active! Walk along with me.

Joined a 9-week walking challenge and today is day one!

It also happens to be day one of vacation (doing a little camping and hiking in the smoky mountains). We landed late last night and stayed in a hotel close to the airport and shortly we will make our way to the campground.

So, I got my butt out of bed and went to the hotel gym!

If you want to walk along with me over the next few weeks, below are the weekly goals:

Weeks 0-3 = 7,150 daily steps to get 50,000 for the week Weeks 4-6 = 8,600 daily steps to get 60,000 for the week Weeks 7-9 = 10,00 daily steps to get 70,000 for the week

Cheers to being more active!


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