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How would your life look if all organization completely disappeared?

What if the world had ZERO organization???

Imagine NO prioritization or delegation.

You simply showed up at work, and everyone did whatever seemed best at the moment…

No leaders... no coordination... just one big free-for-all.

Can you IMAGINE the chaos?

The truth is, whether we like it or not, organization, prioritization, and delegation are very important…

It's been on my mind lately because I'm in the middle of preparing a session on this topic.

Because I know there is a wide range when it comes to this. We’ll talk about whether we are born organized and if others learn how to be in their own way,

Both types require specific mindset shifts and practices to do it well.

Just some of the things running through my mind as I prepare for this session...

But I'm curious... how WOULD your life look if all organizations completely disappeared?



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