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I needed help. Where do you need to ask for help?

I needed help.

For the past month, I have been fiddling with my CRM (a computer program that helps me keep track of information and clients), trying to set up email automation so they behave and do what I want. I consider myself fairly techie, so why not do it myself?

Yet every time I sat down to figure it out, I came up with more questions and ideas than answers.

I finally broke down and found someone on Upwork.

Guys, it took them ONE HOUR to accomplish what I had been trying to do for a month!

It reminded me to quit trying to do everything myself and ask/hire help. Sometimes we become the bottleneck in moving forward, and we need to step aside and let genius own the project.

I know my CRM appreciates it!

Where do you need to ask for help? Share in the comments!


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