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I want more laughing and dancing in my life!

This whole year I have been saying…

That I want more laughing and dancing in my life!

And when you put something out to the world, the world delivers.

And here’s how it happened…

At Rising Tides, I had a last-minute attendee sign up named Tallis Strüb. She had heard about my event from a friend and was curious.

What I didn't expect, was for the "more dancing" to land directly into my lap...serendipitously, Tallis is the owner of the Des Moines Ballroom Dance Studio!

She shared that she loves to dance (no surprise), but that she had started a women's morning group that combines reflection, energy, and dancing called Arise. The topic they are focused on right now is, Count it All JOY.

After she heard my mission for more dancing (and that I am passionate about creating JOY), she asked me to join her morning group on December 15th (6:30-9:00 AM)! She also asked me to record an episode on her podcast all about joy!

Whew! Did the world deliver in this corner of my life.

If you have a minute, take a listen to the Joy Episode, on the When we Arise podcast, or message if you want more info about the morning event on 12/15 in Des Moines, IA (no dancing experience or talent needed).

Wishing you lots of JOY today!


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