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OK… tell me the truth… if you celebrate, when do you put up the Christmas tree?!

BEFORE Thanksgiving, RIGHT AFTER Thanksgiving, or later?

Personally, I am a “After Thanksgiving” girl… and I’m not even asking about Christmas music yet.

But one thing I know for sure: where I live, it gets COLD. I need to be way more intentional in the cold months to get joy on the calendar for a little bit of fun.

So my challenge this weekend is to pull up the calendar and plan out pockets of joy. Block them out before the holiday season takes over completely.

Ideas could include:

Snow angels or building a snowman Gingerbread house competition Build a fort and watch Netflix Hot cocoa & donuts parties

Purchase “Joy is My Job” and read it with cozy socks and a blanket.

What is on YOUR joy list this winter?


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