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What is the history of Labor Day?

So, Labor Day made me curious….

What is the history of this holiday?

Turns out, the origins of this holiday can be traced back to the late 19th century, when advocates for workers' rights pushed for establishing a national holiday to acknowledge the laborer’s contribution towards the growth, prosperity, and overall welfare of the United States.

This made me think about how many people contribute to our workforce and help make our country and world keep working.

Remember COVID? (who doesn’t )

Everything had to shut down, and it was SO difficult. Yet there were the FedEx deliveries dropping things off at your door, the barista giving you coffee, or someone stocking the grocery shelves…

All the small things that go into making the world go around.

So, even though Labor Day is yesterday’s news, I wanted to thank you!

What you do matters, the big and small. You may feel like you don’t have it all together, but with you, things are kept together.

Tag someone you’re thankful for below, and let's create an awesome Ripple Effect.


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